Inna Foundation


Inna Charity Foundation was created in July 2014. Foundation received its name in memory of Inna Magura, a girl who courageously fought leukemia for more than ten years and is created by parents of the young heroine. Her life and heroic struggle with the fatal disease should serve as a remarkable example to follow for everyone who faces a serious disease.

She learned loyalty and betrayal, selfless help and fraud, compassionate attitude and indifference. But she never admitted defeat; she did not lose heart and fought till the last minute of her short but longsuffering life!

With her struggle for life Inna rallied and united many people around her, who actively supported her fight and participated in the idea of creating the Foundation.

ИInna became ill with leukemia when she was 8 years old. Months of chemotherapy gave its result – a remission lasted for more than 6 years. Relatives and friends were hoping that the disease was defeated for good, but … in 2010 there was the terrible disease returned. Once again months of special hard treatment went by. Once again Inna managed to defeat the disease! But just for a short while. The thing is that Inna had the so called “Philadelphia chromosome”. Alas, girl’s life could be saved only by bone marrow transplant. In Ukraine a transplant from an unrelated donor is not allowed. So a clinic abroad had to be found. In 2012 the Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinic conducted bone marrow transplant procedure in Germany. Instead of prescribed prolonged recovery rehabilitation under the supervision of physicians of the clinic, Charity Foundation that sponsored her treatment in Germany for various reasons refused to provide further assistance, and Inna was forced to make an urgent transfer to Israel, where specialists from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa agreed to help with her rehabilitation. Due to the lack of funds Inna was forced to return to Ukraine in late 2012.

In the summer of 2013 there was another recurrence due to the fact that there were no conditions and specialists for effective diagnosis and follow-up after the transplant in the country. There was another fundraiser and a trip to Israel, where Inna underwent very aggressive chemotherapy which resulted in two week coma and difficult recovery after she was disconnected from life-sustaining equipment.

There were no more funds for further recovery. Back in Ukraine through financial support of friends and the loved ones, relatives tried to continue the rehabilitation, but, alas, modern centers and clinics of required level simply do not exist in the country. Inna received help from caring people from Ukraine, Russia and Israel, but without proper medical support everything was in vain. At the end of April 2014 there was another recurrence. The girl’s condition deteriorated rapidly and on May 9 Innochka was gone … She was unable to stay alive, but she still was undefeated by the disease! Not a tear was shed, not a single complaint ever heard from her by the insidious enemy! On the contrary, until the very last minute Inna believed in victory, worried about her parents, and encouraged them.

The one, who never gave up, did not lose! It is impossible to defeat the invincible!