Inna Foundation

To benefactors

Anyone willing to provide charitable help should be aware that charity work is strictly regulated by the law and is based on the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «On charity and charitable organizations” dated 05.07.2012 № 5073-VI and other legal acts.

The purpose of charity work is to facilitate the protection of legitimate interests of recipients of such help.

Anyone willing to provide charitable help and engaged in charity is charity donor.

Charity donor is a capable person or legal entity of civil law (including charitable organization) that carries out charity work.

Charity work is voluntary personal and/or financial help that is not aimed at receiving profit or receiving any compensation from the beneficiaries.

Charity donors may carry out such charity activities:

  • free transfer of cash, other assets, as well as transfer of property rights to beneficiaries;
  • free transfer of rights to use property;
  • providing free services and labor in favor of the beneficiaries;
  • public fundraising of charitable contributions;
  • carrying out charity auctions, but not cash lotteries, contests and other events;
  • other activities not prohibited by law.